Is Proxy Arp supported?

I wonder if the feature “Proxy Arp” or “ip alias” is supported by the NetSilicon software? I need this feature because I would like to make my PPP device visible on the Ethernet LAN. This means that my NetSilicon device shall respond to the arp request that asks for who has the PPP ipaddress. Then the NetSilicon device shall act as a router that forwards all ip-packets to the PPP device. That means that my question is: How can I make my NetSilicon device answer the arp request?

I’ve seen ARP messgaes with Netsilicon device on a LAN. I would guess ARP is part of the TCP/IP stack. I think you shouldn’t need to do anything specific to let your Netsilicon device answer the ARP request. Use a Ethernet analysing software to start with (I use ethereal)…you will see the arp packets.

Yes, the NetSilicon device responds to ARP requests for it’s own ipaddress, and this works just fine for me. But, the NetSilicon device does not respond to ARP requests that ask for the ipaddress of the PPP device which is behind the NetSilicon device. This feature needs to be switched on and I think it’s called arp proxy or ip alias. The function call could for example look something like this: arpAdd(“eth0”, someIpAddress, PROXY); (Yes, I use the Etherreal and I can see that no one answers the arp requests for the PPP device. Thanks for the tip anyway.) Is there anyone that uses the NetSilicon device as an access point? How do you solve this problem?