Is suppressing route discovery for unicast transmissions possible on XBee S2C devices?


I’m working with an XBee S2C and wish to suppress route discovery for unicast transmissions from the coordinator.

Is this possible? To be clear, the Discover Route subfield in the NWK Frame control field is currently being set to 1 for unicasts, and I want to set this to 0.

Also, as an aside, is it possible not to send the Destination IEEE address in the NWK Frame control field? I’m observing that this is the case for broadcasts, but it is being sent for unicasts.

No it is not possible to turn off the rout discovery or to remove the IEEE Mac address in the Network frame. Not in Zigbee.

Is this part of the Zigbee protocol specification, or is there just not a way to turn it off on an XBee? Just to clarify, I’m using the Zigbee 2006 protocol.

It is a mixture of both.

I’m asking because when using another product (using a non-XBee Zigbee transceiver) I can clearly see unicast messages being sent without the IEEE addresses and the DR field set to 0.

That would be using a custom Zigbee solution that does that. IE they added support for the two situations to their application.