Is TCP_NODELAY supported now?

Earlier posts in this forum indicated the setsockopt() option TCP_NODELAY was not supported in earlier versions of Net+OS. Is it supported in 7.5? The help documentation is somewhat confusing on this subject. TCP_NODELAY is listed under the socket options section of the Sockets API doc and says that setting it true will force data to be sent right away. However, under the setsockopt() function itself, the documentation says “Only socket-level options are supported. See ‘Socket options’ at the end of the chapter.”. If that is really the case, then TCP_NODELAY is still not supported as that is a tcp-level option.

Does anyone have any information that can say if TCP_NODELAY is currently supported or not? I could construct some tests with Wireshark, but thought I would ask here first before going to that effort.

It is supported, check out \src reck\include rsocket.h

#define TCP_NODELAY 0x0001