Is there a way to send via the 16 bit address?

I am using Xbee pro and API firmware. When I send data via explicit addressing by specifying 16-bit address, I can still see the route request with 64-bit address through a sniffer.

So is there any way to send via the 16 bit address?



In series 1 modules i.e 802.15.4 modules, using API frame type 0x01, you can send data using 16 bit address.

Not sure about series 2 modules.


As killer32 stated, for Series 1 you can use 0x01 frames. For Series 2 you can also do that with frames 0x10 or 0x11, setting the 64-bit address to 0x000000000000FFFF and the 16-bit to the destination’s node short address (ATMY).

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