L2TP tunnel to EdgeMax router closes before PPP can authenticate.


Using the WR44/21 as an L2TP client against an edgemax router.
The IPSEC is up and authenticated using a PSK. The L2TP, as reported in the event viewer, comes up for exactly one second and then closes before the PPP session can come up and authenticate it. IP Connections shows the L2TP established on 1701 but the source port is different, it’s not 1701.

The edgemax will not bring up the IPsec for L2TP unless the ports in the advanced section are specifically set to UDP. If it’s set to all the IPSEC will not come up.

Looking for a gotchyah which would cause the L2TP to come down before the PPP can authenticate. There is no PPP LCP announcement, just a PPP connection closed message which follows the L2TP 0 down message. 15 seconds later I get an L2TP 0 up message, one second later it’s down then the PPP message.

Any tips?



Have you tried to see if there is any PPP setup traffic with the analyser?

are you seeing any traffic between the 2 devices ?