Latency with ConnectPortX2 ans XBee Pro


I have a project with connectportX2 and XBee pro.

I use a Python software for made a gateway between an UDP Socket and ZB.

It is working but in some case the response time is about 4 or 5 seconds !
Normal reply is about 100ms.

Is the CP-X2 made some background works ?
Is it route calculation ?
It’s difficult to me to find why !

Can somebody help me ?

Thanks, Philippe.


That 4 - 5 second wait sounds like you are sending a Broadcast packet or a few broadcast packets over the Xbee ZB network. Is that the case? If so, the only way to reduce the time is to send Unicast messages. The delay you are seeing on a broadcast is a required delay by the zigbee network to allow for propagation of the data.


Thanks for reply.

Yes, i use broadcast.
But it’s not all the time, approximately1 time every 10.

I’ll try to use unicast, but seem’s difficult to learn how XBee is present.

I made P2P addressing and it is working well.