Layout for RCM3700

Hello all
My name is Tony. I have been using Rabbits for about a year now.
I must say I do like using them for many different apps.

I need to make a board for my company and I suggested that we use Rabbit.
I looked at the board that I was using and it was the RCM3700.
My app needs to convert TCP/IP and serial.
Looking at the RCM3700 I notice some big chips.

RABBIT3000–need that
RTL8019AS–not sure what this is
SRAM–not sure if needed if program is small enough
FLASH–not sure if needed if program is small enough
74LCX245–not sure what this is.

Well, I have a simple program that is working on the RCM3700…
but I dont know if I need all of this hardware. Is there way to find out?


I would suggest you read the hardware designers guide

Other guides that may be of help is here, in particular look at the Rabbit 3000 user manual.