LCD display not showing properly-problem with the screen size


While booting I face these problems

  1. Linux logo is partially displayed, half of the top part is missing.
  2. After executing a set of commands,bottom part the user prompt not visible. Same with when clear is executed, top part user prompt is not visible only after couple of return entries user prompt is visible.
    3.Same problem on the right hand side

Board- 30011032-1 Rev C

uboot env video=displayfb:LQ070Y3DG3B@800x480

As a result Iam unable to get the crosshair correctly for calibrating the touchscreen.

How do I configure the screen size?


follow instructions in
update uboot and use “video” command in uboot.

No change.

I tried u‐boot‐ccwmx51js_EAK.bin