Let me know when you connect or disconnect a session of browser

as knowing when to activate / deactivate a session of the browser in the Basic Web Server (BWS).
Let me know when you connect or disconnect a session (programming in C), to perform a task only when someone connects to the web server and stop when it is unplugged.
JumpStart Development Environment for NET + OS 7.3 with Digi ESP.


I am curious as to what you are trying to accomplish. Connections and disconections to/from the web server are handled rather transparently, from the perspective of the application. Your applications "stub" fucntions get called when a page is activated and some device data is require to be accessed or updated. If you go to return data to a peer and they went away, the web server cleans things up for you.

So, again, why do you want access to these more utilitarian functions (connect and disconnect)?

What I want is to have a password for all websites (I have several), but if I do so with the basic authentication of HTMLtoC, every time I go to every link back to ask me the key. Therefore, I put a password on your home page without having to repeat it again when sailing in the following, but if I go to a page that is not the main, bypassing the home page, which prompted the key. Therefore, when you enter the password the first time, I want you to save on server and I do not ask the following. But it may be deleted when you disconnect with the browser (session).

In addition, I want to know the connection and disconnection, because the methodology used AJAX to update my system. So, that way when you connect asynchronous user, go to update the data on my system on the website (and what I am doing and it works). My problem is, I have to go making HTTP requests from the browser to update the page, but I would not have to do so, simply make the first request and really so asynchronous update my system. With the function HSSend (handle, data), I would like to know where we store the handle for me to answer that comes without a request, but knowing that there is a connection (session).

In short, knowing when a browser session, knowing when you connect and disconnect, to:
1 - like putting a password on every page without the request at the following links.
2 - use AJAX without having to make multiple requests for the upgrade.

thank you, in advance