linux framebuffer to lcd

I’m running a program which uses linux frame buffer and I’m wondering what I might have to do to get it to show on the display. If I run the demo programs in the qt-embedded directory, they show up and work on the display with a plugged in mouse. (such as spreadsheet). But if I run my program, it should be displaying something but the LCD display shows what ever was last there. Do I have to do something special in my program or enable something in the kernel to get my application to display?

Also, if I wait a long time the display will go blank (sleep?). A demo like ex11ex will not turn the lcd back on but a qt program like spreadsheet will. How can I turn off the lcd sleep?

QT programs need a “server” task behind so as to run client applications. Or a client program itself can act like a server.

add “-qws” in argument lists.

eg: ./your_program -qws

You can add this in project properties.

Thanks. I took a look through all the properties but nothing was obvious where to include command line arguments. Any hints?

ahh im sorry… it was in run/debug settings…