Loopback test using Cluster ID 0x12

I’m using a couple of xbee znet 2.5 series2 modules, in API mode, with one coordinator and one end_device. The coordinator is mounted on a XBIB-R board so I can see the RSSI when the module receive something.
I’m trying to perform the serial loopback from coordinator using the API command “Explicit_Addressing_Zigbee_Command_Frame”.
In the order:

  1. I send a string from coordinator using Cluster_ID = 0x11 and I have checked that the message is correctly received from end_device.
  2. then send a string from coordinator using Cluster_ID = 0x12 but I don’t receive message on the coordinator side. But in this second case I see lit the 3 RSSI led on the XBIB-R board (that instead I don’t see in case 1) ). This prove that the message is send back from end-device bit does not appear on the serial port of the coordinator.
    What I have wrong?

What do you have the 64-bit destination address set to in your API frame (to cluster ID 0x0012)? What firmware version are you using?

In the coordinator the Fw Ver is 1147, in the end_device the Fw Ver is 1347.
Regarding the 64-bit destination address I have only set the address of the end_device in the coordinator. Nothing in the end-device. The prove that this address is correct is that with Cluster_ID = 0x11 the communication it is ok. It is only the loopback, using Cluster_ID = 0x12, that doesn’t work.

For more precision, I have set the destination addr of the “Explicit_Addressing_Zigbee_Command_Frame” command with the addr of the end_device, this in both case with Cluster_ID = 0x11 and with Cluster_ID = 0x12. What I expect is that when I use Cluster_ID = 0x12 I recive back on the coordinator side the message that I have sent to the end_device. Is it right?

In attach you can find 3 files

  1. the coordinator profile
  2. the end_device profile
  3. a .txt file with the frame sent from the coordinator to the end_device to obtain the loopback on cluster Id 0x12

HI franceconve and Damons!
franceconve i m also facing the same problem. but i think that this functionality is defined in its firmware nothing wrong with your approach. actually the explicit addressing zigbee communication mode is supposed to be used for range/connectivity testing as it is mentioned in its Manual.
I will be much glad if there is anyway to get the data on UART as well with explicit addressing coz this will simplify working on my current project:)
however if both of ur devices are in API mode than u can use the acknowledgment frame to check the successful transmission of data.

Thanks and regards,

Can you post the address of the end device and all the bytes in your explicit transmit API frame?