MAC Address / NVRAM Lost issue

  1. If you add items to the end of structure devBoardParamsType should the NVRAM settings be invalidated? I am losing my MAC address after updating the image.bin.

  2. If I should not be changing devBoardParamsType at all, what can I use to save misc NVRAM settings?

  3. If I should be able to append items to that struct, what am I doing wrong that things are getting invalidated/reset?


It seems like it is lost any time I make a change to devBoardParamsType…

Does anyone know how I can save some items to NVRAM without causing the MAC Address to be lost?

I figured out a way, but I’m still interested in those who have modified devBoardParamsType. There is a size in the structure meant for detecting an increased number of settings, but it is not used. I am wondering if anyone has implemented this…

fyi: I froze the devBoardParamsType structure, created a new structure and wrote it directly after the devBoardParams in NVRAM. I used an ID to detect whether this was the first time written to and to initialize certain parameters accordingly. Worked nice.