MAC Address Table on WR

I must be having one of those mornings… How do I look at the MAC address table on a Digi Transport WR44? I want to know which MACs are forwarded out which ports, and I can’t find anything in the user guide or the cli help that points me in the right direction. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but I’d certainly appreciate a nudge in the right direction.



this will show you the mac are seen on what interfaces



Thanks James, but that only shows me the L3 interface, and not the L2 interface. If I’m in hub mode and connected to LAN2 the ARP table still shows ETH0. I’m hoping there’s a way to distinguish between the L2 ports but I am starting to suspect that “Hub” mode actually means it’s a hub (not a switch) and therefore no MAC table is present. I should get my sniffer out and verify this…

Hi if you have the router in hub mode you will only see them combined in the same interface.

the only way i could think would be put the router into switch mode but then you would have to add IP address on each interface.
this way you would have to think carefully about the addresses and the ports being used and equipment attached