Matlab for Xbee

I’m trying doing Matlab program for Xbee via COM. The problem is I cant send the hecxa packet through Matlab so I converted the hecxa packet into the appropiated decimal number and sent to Xbee.
In the TX request mode, I created a packet : 7E 00 06 01 52 4C 4F 4E 47 7C where 7E: Start Delimiter, 00 and 06 is the length of packet, 52 is Frame ID, 4C 4F 4E 47 is the data frame and 7C is the checksum byte.
But when I converted that packet into decimal no and transmitter through COM port to Xbee, the RequesttoSend signal is still off.
Could you clarify whether it’s my prob with doing program or Xbee cant understand the decimal no.