Max number of children and 2BA7 firmware release


I have developed a ZB network with one coordinator and several Wall Routers. That network will also have end-devices, moving in an indoor space.

Having a look to max number of children that can be attached to one device, I have seen that in firmware release 22A7, it is 10 for coordinator and 12 for routers.

However, having a look to Wiki page, it indicates there is a better ‘ZIGBEE ROUTER AT (WALL RT)’ firmware which supports 20 end-device/children (Wiki )

In a different post on this forum I found that firmware release is call 2BA7, but it is experimental, and it cannot be found on Digi support page (have a look to last entry on this post:,10163#32361 )

Has anybody checked or used that firmware release? If somebody has, what is your experience, have you detected something strange?

Best regards.

You can check this count by using ATNC command.