me9210 flashing led3

Hi, I’ve been working my way through the Digi ESP document with great success using the Jumpstart board. However, when I run the GPIO test program I find the led3 flashes randomly. If I redirect the output to one of the other leds the led goes on and off as expected. I’ve also noticed that the led flashes in time with the internet router lights I’ve got connected to it. Coincidence? I’m a bit new to this stuff, so please forgive me. Many thanks.

When you say LED3, which LED it is? Next to GPIO connector P7?

Hi, Thanks for getting back, yes I did mean the led by P7. However, I have solved the issue. There is a kernel configuration item which routes the green ethernet led to gpio 3 to show the net activity. All I had to do was uncheck the box and voila. Sorry to bother but I’m still getting to grips with Linux having been a micro/fpga programmer for years. Thanks anyway.

Hi Tuxembb, Sorry to bother again, but having switched off the network activity led to GPIO2, I now find that when I run the GPIO test program I get the error message on the console saying that “/dev/gpio/2: Device or resource busy”. I have modprobed gpio as requested. Any ideas?