MIB2 SysOrTable

How do I change/delete the default entries in the MIB2 SysOrTable using netos 7.4

Another point is the GetNext or Walk command. If I reach the End of this built in MIB (MIB2) the programm, or better the OID, jumps to nowhere and the system crashes. But I wasn’t able to find where to change the getNext OID.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Answer 1
sysortable is read only and so immutable in NET+OS

Answer 2
The first thing to check is the tcpip library and the snmp library used to build your application. There are two versions. One contains ipsec and one does not. For example there is libtcpip.a and a libtcpip_no_ipsec.a. There is a libsnmp.a and a libsnmp_no_ipsec.a. The ipsecness of the tcpip library and the ipsecness of the snmp library MUST be the same. If they are not, crashes will ensue.