Micro XBee3 UART not working

Hi all,

I have ordered two type of DIGI XBee3, that is TH-XBee3 and Micro-XBee3

In order to configure these modules I am using an adapter USB2TTL (CP2102 driver) to connect these modules to PC running XCTU software.

It does work very well with TH-XBee3 ( tested for 3 modules ).
It does not work with Micro-XBee3 ( tested for 4 modules ). I make sure that these module are in active state ( Association LED blinking ), I also tried to set all possible configurations for uart ( sellect all baudrate, … ) but it does not help.

I also use a serial monitor software to log data but
there is nothing data to be read.

Please someone can explain this problem for me? or I am missing anything?



TTL level is 5V. What you need is 3V CMOS level as the XBee products are 3V device and are NOT 5V tolerant.

What I would suggest is to just order two interface boards. One for each type and that would solve the issue.


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Thank you for the reply.

Actual logic level is 3.3V CMOS, sorry for my mistake.

I am having doubt about process of soldering.
the highest temperature in reflow is 378 degree C, that is higher than the one defined in XBee specs.

Let me know what do you think? any other reason can cause this problem

Yes that can cause issues.