Modbus support on Transport WR31

The short version: how am I supposed to use the WR31 to get data off of a Modbus device and onto the cloud (for an IoT dashboard/monitoring system)?

I recently purchased a Transport WR31 with the intention of using it to remotely monitor some industrial devices in the field using Modbus. I am beginning to regret this decision, as the only documentation I can find barely covers anything except how to set up the serial port.

The one other similar issue on this forum says that the transport only acts as a gateway between Modbus TCP/RTU networks, and that python would be necessary to configure the router to read a slave. The python bit at least gave me some hope, but I have not found any material covering that use anywhere in the documentation. The supported modules in the python doc doesn’t even mention the Serial module, which I would expect to see when using a serial port.

The other question is here:

The python documentation I am looking at is here:|Digi%20Hardware%20Access|_____29

Has anyone else used these products to monitor remote Modbus equipment?


there is a python script to get values from modbus device and post to device cloud.

you will have to ask tech support about it



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Hey, thanks for the answer. I ended up getting in contact yesterday with tech support about it and they sent me python script and documentation.

I still need to work through it, but I believe it does what I am looking for. It would have been nice if it was online with the other documentation.

I am setting up a Transport device to monitor / control a Modbus device but I am using the Ethernet interface (ModbusTCP). I’ve found that the pyModbusTCP library works well so far from Python on the Transport. Ultimately, I’m using the Transport as a Modbus/MQTT translator.

I have been trying to use the WR31 as a modbus gateway but its not working, keep giving me time out error