mutli channel temperature logger on rabbit (bl2000)

to design and produce a prototype microcontroller based temperature logging and display system capable of being interrogated over a network or serial connection.
The system should be capable of reading temperatures from several inputs (eg PRt thermistor or thermocouple), storing their values in a non-volatile manner and displaying them on demand locally and remotely via a network or a serial data link…
In this project we are using rabbit bL 2000 kit…and the dynamic c9.21 software for the programme code

Discription of the project :

the circuit that you will design and build will be to convert the output of your chosen sensor to give a signal that can be read into one of the inputs on the Rabbit development system. It was suggested that a platinum resistenace thermometer or a thermistor could be used as a temperature sensor, in which case a circuit will be required to convert the change in resistance of the sensor over the operating temperature range into perhaps a change in voltage which could be measured by the analogue to digital convetor on the Rabbit system). I would suggest that you refer to the book “Principles of Measurement Systems” by Prof. J P Bentley (it is in the LRC) for ideas.

please help me about this project

Is this project been completed? Can anyone share the methods? I am new to BL2000, but have the needs to use the 6 thermocouples to measure the sample temperature, compare with the target temperature, then adjust the power supply.