My S2C xbee does not receive arduino data

I have two xbee S2C for point-to-point communication. Are configured in AT mode, and work properly, the link is stable and strong between both, even send strings between both using the XCTU software.
The problem I have is that when connecting the xbee module that operates as a router to the serial port of the arduino module xbee does not send anything. It’s as if the arduino was not sending anything. I’ve already tested the Arduino and everything works fine. I do not know what could be happening ?. PLEASE HELP

Are you using a adapter board or shield to connect the XBee to the Arduino?

Most Arduino code wants the XBee modules in API mode.

I am using cables to connect the arduino to xbee, I am working in transparent mode, I want to be able to send and receive through the usart, I saw the library to work in API mode but for the moment I just want to use the transparent mode.
The problem that I have at the moment is that I have to recognize the router device and later connect to the arduino without removing the power supply and if it is how it manages to send the arduino data to the pc through the xbee modules. I do not know if there is any parameter or boot configuration for the modules.