need commands for i\o accessing from remote

am using series 1 modem, Xbp24-xbee-PRO-802.15.4.

Task 1: (Completed )
Tx modem senses analog voltage and sends it to Rx modem which is connected to PC COM Port.
Transmitter configuration is:

Task 2: (Suggestions Needed )
The Output Digital Pins(As 1 & 0) In TX Modem has to be switched from RX.
Tx connected with sensors and Relays.
Rx connected with PC Com Port

Suggestions from ur side is required to complete this.

thanks and regards

It sounds as though you will want to use the API Remote Command packet for this. The details are in the product manual and you may also find the cookbook helpful (but the product manual is the primary source).

If you want to look at the cookbook you can find it at