Need to buy antenna For xbee pro 868

I am building an application where I am using xbee pro 868 single as gateway to receive data from almost 20 devices moving in a radius of 20 KM. I need an antenna to place at receiving site in order to get this range. The other devices will be moving around the receiving site so kindly suggest solution for this type of application. Type of antenna, range all thing in details.

Also Can I use 2.4Ghz or 900 Mhz antennas with my xbee 868 module?

I used this antenna and got 12 KM range. But my application needs minimum 16 KM and maximum 20 KM range wiith 360 coverage.

Kindly give some suggestions about antenna. My operating frequency is 868 Mhz. What antenna with Dbi I should used to get this range?

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Are you going to have RF LOS conditions?

Yes…I am fulfilling the LOS condition. My receiver site is 224 ft high andd fresnel zone is clear. It is like a flat desert. No objects. But with the omni antenna above mentioned I only get 12 KM range. My application needs maximum 20 KM range. So kindly suggest any antenna at receiver site as I cannot put high gain antenna on transmitter.

To increase your range, you are going to need to switch to high gain antennas. It is as simple as that.