NET+OS7.1 ->"fns_inet_ntoa" and "fns_inet_addr"

Hello, I use NET+OS7.1 and would like to use in my application the functions “fns_inet_ntoa” and “fns_inet_addr” to convert the IP parameters. The functions are located in the file “in.h” but it come to problems with any h-files. Aren’t these functions supported in the NET+OS7.1?

Thank you …


In the past I used NET+OS6.3. Now I used NET+OS7.1 and would like to insert as in the old software the functions fns_inet_ntoa and fns_inet_addr into my application. This does not work. Aren’t these functions any longer supported? How can I convert the IP address into the doted form? I used “customizeGetIPParameters”.

Try NAInet_toa and NAInet_addr instead. They should be in “sockapi.h”.