Net0S 7.3 PPPCloseInterface Hangs on the ConnectCore9P2915


I am working on an application that sets up GPRS connections over the cellular network. I use the PPP routines provided with NetOS.

I have got the outline of the system working on the Connect_EM Module so that the system establishes a PPP connection over GPRS and sends an e-mail. It then closes the PPP connection.

On the ME this works OK, but the same code running on the ConnectCore9P2915 has a problem with the PPPCloseInterface never returning. It does work to a degree in that it closes the connection and the Callback routines provide status of LL_CLOSE_STARTED followed by LL_CLOSE_COMPLETE, but that is as far as it gets.

Has any one else used the PPP interface on the 9P2915?


I have now done some more work with this and managed to track the problem down to a degree.

With the 9P2915 I have been using the port sut up as an EIGHT_WIRE port and with the EM I used FOUR_WIRE port.

I then looked at the detailed operation of the signals on the 9P and found that if i disconnect the DCD signal It works.

It does seem that the PPP system monitors the DCD signal and drops the PPP link if this signal changes from high to low. It seems that the PPPCloseInterface call gets confused by this DCD signal.

Any info on exactly how PPPCloseInterface operates would be usefull so that I can try to solve this