NetOS 7.3 Serial Driver


The NetOS 7.3 serial driver seems to provide an error if I set termios.c_iflag to zero unless I set up hardware handshaking in the .c_cflag. I get an error when I call tcsetattr.
This semms to be a change from the earlier version when it seemed to be possible to run with no handshaking defined. Does anyone know if it is possible to disable serial handshaking completely.

Also 7.3 has a constant in bsp_serial.h for BSP_SIMPLE_SERIAL_PORT. Except for saying that it sets up the port for the “simple serial driver” the documentation does not describe this. Anyone know what the “Simple Serial Driver” is or if it can be disabled?

Here is text describing simple serial driver from the API documentation: This constant determines which port is used to output Simple Serial data. This data is used early in initialization (when the C library and OS are not yet available). The baud rate used is based on your NVRAM or appconf.h setting for APP_BSP_BAUD_RATE.

Provides an option to select a port to output data at startup. However, no option to disable it.

Simple serial port is a serial port available for debugging before threadx has come up. Thus it is generally used for debugging drivers and the bsp very early in the bootup sequence.

It does this by rewriting printf-like functions all in assembly so (as stated above) no threadx calls are utilized.