NETOS 7.5 and C++ STL?

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Anyone know if its possible to use the C++ STL with NETOS 7.5 applications? The arm-elf-g++ version says its 4.2 which should have been way after this was included. Maybe I need to get an add-on package or something?

did you try the C++ sample app? does it compile and work for you? What exactly fails?

It’s unable to find the stl list header
I selected c++ support when creating the project, but maybe I need something more to get to the stl Container classes.

I haven’t tried this and I’m not really familiar with C++, but apparently the problem is that the C++ features you want to use are obsolete. See this web page: I suggest you try the stuff suggested by this web page and see if it works.

The C++ sample app works fine, but this sample does not use the STL/generics library which lets you define resizable list, vector, array, etc. These were an add on to the original C++ back in the late 90’s I guess. They are not outdated, and are very commonly used… maybe not so much in embedded development.

I’m using C++ STL and it works fine. But do not use C++ exception handling (try…catch…) in conjunction with threads.