NETOS: Is malloc realtime prove?

Hi everyone, we just bought NETOS51 GNU package from NetSilicon and I wonder if malloc, free etc. functions are realtime prove. I could neither find a malloc.h file nor the implementation (malloc.c) to get a hint. I also scanned the hole .pdf documentation for information. Malloc is extensively used in several examples (without including a malloc.h file), which make me think they should be protected by semaphore or mutex somehow. Are they? Can I call them from several threads without corrupting the heap? I guess malloc is just provided by the libc.a library where from I do not have the sources. Does anyone know anything about this? Cheers Roman

I guess I solved it my self. When you follow all the function calls of malloc(), __malloc_lock(), __gnuLock() in the Visual gdb you will find that __gnuLock() somewhere calls tx_mutex_get() which I suppose should be indication enough that malloc() is protected by the ThreadX mutex feature. Roman