Network Transmit dead forever

Hi,I have two problems with Transmitting Ethernet packets with the NET+50 under uCLinux-2.4.20 using the ModNET50 board from fsforth. The first is solved: TX-Interrupt loss during heavy load: When this occurs I simply reset TX fifo and restart Transmit. The second and unsolved Problem is: About every two weeks Transmitting packets stops totally and forever even without Network load. Resetting the transmit fifo doesn’t help, resetting the lxt971A Phy by Software doesn’t help, even reboot doesn’t help, Only a hard reset works. Does anybody know what happens here, and how I can reset the Network chip totally by Software as a workaround ? Jochen

What you are descibing is a ethernet transmit stall, hardware bug documented in the errarta. Software reset should work to recover, but the best way is to detect it early and prevent from happening. This was implemented in the Network driver for NetOS and can be probably don in ucLinux too. The Netos driver is attached to this message