Newbie needs some advice

Hi there!
I am new to Rabbit, new to C, and need some advise. I need to stream three values and a timestamp to a laptop via ethernet. what would be the easiest method?

What sort of software is running on the laptop?

The Rabbit can easily open up a socket to any address you like and stuff data out the port. You could write a piece of software on the laptop that opens up a specific port. The Rabbit would open up a socket connection to that port, format a message in some format you design and send sned the data.

Frankly, your request is rather vague and there’s easily a dozen ways to design a solution that does that. You have to decide if the laptop is going to poll the Rabbit or if the Rabbit is going to initiate the transaction. You’ll need some message protocol so the laptop can tell what data the Rabbit sent and whether the data is valid or not. You may want some security so that the laptop knows the data is coming from a legitimate Rabbit.

You’ll need quite a bit of code at each end to do this task. The Rabbit TCP/IP examples will give you a good start towards writing this. On the laptop you’ll need the appropriate tools to write an ethernet application. Without more specifics I don’t think we can give you detailed information, and the code for a full set of apps would be quite a bit to post here.

Thanks, Baldy. I did solve the problem. Since the connection was just between two devices (rabbit and a laptop) directly, I decided to use UDP. I streamed the data to a Labview app, and it’s working fine.