Newbie question

Is there some documentation that explains how/why the Dynamic C compiler knows which .lib files to use. I don’t like to take it on faith that the compiler is optimized to find the right files and I don’t have to know about it. For example, I can take some of the sample serial comm source files and compile and run them successfully, yet there are no #use files at all in the source. How is the compiler including the RS232 libraries, or any other for that matter? I know the lib.dir file contains library path info by default, but I can’t find any explanation as to how that is used, since the lib.dir file on my PC doesn’t contain the RS232.lib file path explicitly. Any info would be appreciated.

I think I found most of what I’m looking for in the Dynamic C UM. I didn’t think compiler specifics would be under the heading “Language”. Go figure. I would have expected a section on linking and inclusion.