Newbie: Sensor reading with RCM3100 development board

Where do I start? I have never been exposed to this digital world (let alone never used C before). I want to be able to learn how to read sensors signals (accelerometers, gyro’s, etc) process that data and command appropriate servo positions. I’ve managed to command a servo to any desired position, based on one of the sample programs included in the software, but can’t find a sample on reading input signals. Is there any on the RCM3100? Any advice on how to get started?

If your purchased product has supporting documentation ( I recommend you read it thoroughly 2 or 3 times. Rabbit documentation is by no means the best in the world but it is a good place to start. The Rabbit documentation does usually state that the user requires a working understanding of C programming. There is plenty of C programming information on the internet but if you want a hard copy book then ‘The C Programming Language’ by Kernighan and Ritchie is a good place to start.