Node Identiefier can not be set


I am testing the new programmable xbee SDK and I want to program the Network Identifier of my modules, such that I can identify my modules when performing a network scan.

I am using the simple_chat example project, but when I fill in some text in the XBee Configuration -> Adressing -> Node Identiefier = HELLO
I got the following error message:
"Node Identiefier setting has an invalid format. Please, follow this example: my_device

I also tried to set the NI via bootloader and then using the bootloader in bypass mode, but then my NI is overwritten when using the application.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

I’m quite sure that is not working, might be a code bug. Tried to use in differents ways too and it didn’t work on SDK 1.0.8.

Seems like you have found a bug [:)]

The regex definition for that setting is not correctly set. I have attached the file that fixes the problem (you will need to replace the existing one). You must place it in the following path:


By default the installation path is: C:\Program Files\Digi

Once copied, close the xbee_config.xml file from CodeWarrior and open it again to reload the XML database.

Hope that helps.

This at least helps in setting the value.

But if I set it in the environment I see that the value is changed in my xbee_config.h. But when I run the application this value is not set in the xbee module. I test this by doing a network scan using the X-CTU tool on my coordinator, but is still gives me the value that I have set when accessing the programmable module in bypass mode. Any idea?