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  1. Does Digi gives provide any appication sample for SOAP implementation?If not ,does it atleast recommend any SOAP implementation in the market for integration?

2.We integrated the Open source GSOAP implementation for connectme,but the response time is quite unsatisfactory(about 270ms).Do anyone use SOAP implementation from other vendors? If so ,how is the performance?

  1. Does Digi support Upnp or rendezvous protocol for automatic device discovery ?

  2. What is the status of JVM (Jamaica) which has been recent highlights?Would this supported to Digi users with normal licensing?

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  1. Sorry, but Digi does not have any SOAP examples. We have no particular recommendations either.

  2. I have not spoken to any customers on the subject of SOAP and its implementation. Perhaps others comment.

  3. At this time Digi does not support either the UPnP or rendezvous protocol.

  4. The status of JVM (JamaicaVM) is a matter you would be best off addressing to Aicas (www.aicas.com), the creators of JamaicaVM. To the best of my knowledge, purchasing, licensing and support for JVM is to be handled via Aicas, not Digi. I will do my best to update this forum thread if this information changes.