Out of Root Code Space

Hi all,

Im new to the Dynamic C development environment and having some compiler/debugger issues. I have an RCM5700 dev board and have been compiling programs for a few days. I tried to compile and run an example program to blink an LED now and I get the messages:

line 30 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : Must define at least one #rcodorg origin directive.
line 30 : ERROR Rabbitbios.c : Out of root code space. Please refer to the Dynamic C User’s Manual for more information.

I’ve tried adding in #memmap xmem to the sample program. This is the standard BLINKLED01 program and has worked before. What am I missing and how do I free up that memory? Is there a good simple way to allocate memory when your first starting out and just trying example programs?

Thanks in advance.

I have found that sometimes running the compiler for extended periods results in strange compiler errors so usually if I get odd errors with code that previously worked or errors that just don’t make sense I try exiting the compiler, restarting it and compiling again before trying to dig too deep.

It doesnot always work but it has occasionally stopped me from pulling out my hair over compile errors!

Another thing to check is that you have not changed any of the project options since the last time you compiled the code (especially putting in Global Macro Defines).