Packet Size in Transparent MODE

I would like to know the max. bytes I can send using the Transparent Mode using the USART.
I also want to know what else the packet sends, a description.
Example: I want to send 4 byte 0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04
What will the RF sends outs? On the air?
Only the 4 bytes or something else?

Hi achouy

To know the maximum payload, Go to terminal of X-CTU and enter in command mode by typing ’ +++ ’ and then ‘ATNP’ command will return the max. payload of your module. The value will be in hexadecimal format.

For more detailed information about this go to ‘Maximum RF Payload Size’ section on page 63 of this pdf:

No, the packet contains many things other than data like start bit, data length and checksum. In ‘API Operation’ section on page 98 of the same above mentioned pdf, you will find the complete UART Data Frame Structure. [:)] [:)] [:)]