Packetization Parameter - 31250 Baud

I am using S1 Pro’s for MIDI signals. This requires a 31250 baudrate (7A12). I have experimented with the RO Parameters on pg 73 of the Legacy Manual because the LED’s I am operating tend to lock up with the default of 3, and 0 for no packets is the worst. The parameter 8 works the best, and 9 bricked the Xbee’s, which I got working after a reset.

The manual states “0x80 - 0x3D090 non-standard baud rates up to 250 kb/s”
My question is if there any better Parameter for baudrate 31250 beyond 8, if the numbers noted in the line above are to be entered as hex numbers, and if so, what should I be using. Also, would the API mode help with the locking LED’s?

Thanks GCH