Partitioning nand flash with jffs2


I have designed an SQLite3 application. My application is intended to periodically log data into the NAND flash on the imx53 board and i am unsure about some aspect therefore i’m here hoping to seek answers.

my questions are,
(a) Is JFFS2 a good filesystem to use with SQLite3? If not, what other fs are there?

(b) If I use JFFS2, do I need to partition the flash with a JFFS2 partition ?

(c) Is there any document or reading references I can refer to, to know how to work on it?

(d)what might the necessary configuration I may need to do to get it working?

Please advise thanks.

Jian Rong


This doc is written for DEL 4.x, but with less modification you should be able to use now.

I am not sure about issues with JFFS2 and SQLite. maybe you can use ubifs? or some other format?

While creating a new kernel/rootfs project you can find all supported filesystems. Choose the right one for you.

Format flash from uboot for this FS and try