Pbuilder image.bin upload

does some one have some pretty easy example of uploading new firmware from AWS web pages?

I know that there is one in sample app, but im not web programmer and is too much difficult for me.

Any help is appreciated!


The easier way to upload firmware is through the FTP interface. But looking at your specific question yo specifically call out for an AWS (web) method for uploading firmware upgrades. I am not sure there is an “easy” way to do this. You need to have two things happen. 1) you need a “file widget” allowing a user to select a file from your PC’s file system. 2) Then you need some NET+Os internal code to accept thsi firmware update, make sure it is of the right stuff (correct file name, not corrupt) and then write it to the correct location in FLASH (so we do not corrupt FLASH).

The existing sample application does all of that . I believe (if I remember correctly) the “backend” of the sample are calls in to the FTP lower level APIs that check the file for name and non-corruptness, and then writes to the correct place in FLASH.

We generally recomend this example as a starting point.