Pin 17 & Pin 19 of ConnectME


Can anybody (Cameron) tell me which NS7520 processor
pins are connected to pin 17 & 19 of the ConnectME
module ?

Actually I’m looking for the PortA4 (RXCA SPI_Clock),
to use PortA in SPI mode. I hope Digi was clever enough
to give us the SPI functionality !



Pins 17 and 18, of the Connect ME, are used for manufacturing purposes and are not connected to any pins of the NS7520 responsible for SPI.

The SPI interface is not implemented on the Connect ME. You should be able to, however, implement a bit-banged SPI solution.

Our Connect EM prodcut does support SPI.


Check out src/examples/nartcapp for a bit-banged SPI started point.

Hello, I has a short question about the example nartcapp. Where can I get this example? I did not find the example in my directory src/examples ! Can you help me ? Thanks ! Greeting Marcus