PoE on DigiConnect ME 9210

From the Knowledge base:

With regard to the 802.11af (Power Over Ethernet) specification, do the Connect EM and ME families support end or mid-span PoE?

First one should clarify what is meant by mid and end-span.

Mid-span: +48VDC is delivered across the Ethernet cable using the unused pins (4, 5, 7 & 8).
End-span: +48VDC is delivered on on the same pins used for data (1,2,3 and 6).

The Connect ME supports only mid-span.

The Connect ME 9210 supports both mid-span & end-span.

The Connect EM module, itself, does not provide any support for PoE. However, using the version of the module with no onboard Ethernet connector (P/N DC-EM-02T-NC) a full PoE implementation is possible. The EM development board, however, only provides support for mid-span.

Does this mean that the pins VETH+ AND VETH- are the CT pins combined from both the end-span pins (12,3, & 6) and mid-span pins (4,5,7 & 8)?

On the development board & PoE schematics there’s a 4 pin connector going to the PoE board but I see only the 2 pins (VETH+ & VETH-) connected to it. If I were to do something similar on one board could I then leave out the other two connections with the extra diode bridge?


Refer http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/30006001-06revA.pdf page 3.
You can see that only 2 pins (VETH+ & VETH-) are used on dev board. You can leave other connections…

Hi bobthomas13, I have a similar question to the one asked by drakes. Perhaps it is the same question. Regardless, the question I have is not answered by your response to drake’s question.

Since it seems as though you have some knowledge on this detail, could I please ask you to review the support question I posted to the forum here:


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