PortServer TS 16 Repair/PSU replacement

I have 5 Portservers TS 16 that have their PSUs damaged from a recent power surge. Inspecting 3 of the 5 internally they seem to correlate to power issues; bulging caps, and scorched transformers.

Also it appeared that the power supply unit is separate and replaceable.

Warranty on all devices are most probably expired. Is it possible to get replacement PSUs for the devices? or should they be shipped to Digi to have the PSUs replaced?

Also, if the devices weren’t purchased directly from Digi, would digi be able to tell if they’re actually still in warranty or not?

Thank you.

Your best bet is to purchase new power supplies. Based on your description, these cannot be repaired and are likely too old to qualify for replacement (less than 90 days).

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