Power Supply for Xbee 3 RF Modules

Xbee 3 modules accept anywhere from 2.1Volts to 3.6Volts. My question is, if I want to run my Xbee 3 on say two AAA batteries in series (max Voltage would be 3.4 Volts). Do I need any specific power supply circuit for it? Like a Buck/Boost Converter etc.?

Or I can let it run on just these two AAA batteries till they completely run of juice.

Do I need to have some sort of under voltage lock out circuit if Voltage drops below 2.1 volts?

P.S. I’ll still put decoupling / noise capacitors close to the Input pin as advised in the datasheet.


You would need to check the peak voltage of your 2 AAA batteries to make sure they do not exceed VCC MAX.