PPP connection is not produced. (NET+OS6)

This sentence is the first contribution. Please acknowledge it if there are unappropriate contents. I am testing PPP connection with an/the exercise “echomod2”. By using “PPPModemInit”, the connection of a/the modem completes “CONNECT***” and an/the answer will come back from a/the modem. Next, software implements “PPPCheckLink”. However, PPP connection does not complete, because ID and PASSWORD are not transmitted by the server of PPP. Is the source code necessary something while implementing “PPPModemInit” and “PPPCheckLink”? Please instruct it to me if there is the one who understands. <<<<>>>> /* initialize serial port and modem / i=PPPModemInit(PPP_COMPORT2, ACTIVE_CONNECTION_MODE, MY_BAUD_RATE, “AT&FE1M0Q0&K3X3&D2&C1”) != 0 ) { if( i!=0) { printf(“Modem connection failed!”); PPPModemClose(PPP_COMPORT2); } / Check status of PPP link before proceeding / timeout = 0; do { / wait for 1 sec before checking status of PPP link*/ time(&old_jikoku); do { time(&new_jikoku); } while( (new_jikoku-old_jikoku) < 1 ); timeout++; } while ( (PPPCheckLink(PPP_COMPORT2) == PPP_NOT_UP) && (timeout < PPP_CHECKLINK_TIMEOUT) );

I solved it. NET50 BGA development boards is being used. I reviewed “C: \ NETOS60_GH361 \ src \ examples \ ppp \ echomod2 \ readme” again. I found the description of the next nuance. “If modem is jointed be not COM0 I will use COM1” Promptly, I replaced COM0 and COM1. Then, it was possible PPP. This time the study of PPP joint is produced. I disturbed it probably.