Problem to open a TCP socket in promiscuous mode

I need open a TCP socket in promiscuous mode in a RCM3750.
I change ASIX.lib to allow the promiscuous mode. I connect the module with a hub and in this network are TCP trafic but i don´t receive any packet. Can somebody help me?

In the ASIX.LIb set bit 4 of ASIX_RCR to 1 to put the ASIX device into promiscuous mode. You can find the lib file under DC installation

C:\DCRABBIT_9.62\Lib cpip

Thank you cpigilam, but I tested and it didn´t work. I tried to do to put this ensambly code in my code and didn´t change ASIX.lib but didn´t work too.

ld a,0x20 ; change to page 0
ioe ld (PD_WR1),a
ld a,0x10 ; place nic into promiscuous mode
ioe ld (PD_WR1+PD_RXCFG),a