Problem understanding SPI_A2D-1.c sample

Hi, I’m new to Dynamic C and was looking through the SPI examples in the Samples folder and have have come across this c file that enable the reading of an LTC1294 12 bit A/D convertor which using an SPI. However there is one line in the program that i have problem understanding

Command = START|SINGLE|UNIPOLAR|POWERON|MSBFIRST | ((Channel/2)<<3) | ((Channel&1)<<5);

Whats bugging me is that I have the data sheet of the LTC1294 and the input data word format indicates that the POWERON is the LSB and not the MSBFIRST. Is it alright the have the word format to be not in sequence? Also I don’t really understand the last 2 bit shifting. Are those bit shifting for the MUX address’s odd sign and Select 0 and Select 1? BTW I’m using a RCM3400 module with Dynamic C ver 8.10.

Can someone pls advise?