Problem with footprint for Digi Connect ME 9210

We are making footprint for our PCB library (for Digi Connect ME 9210). After footprint was created and STEP model imported, we found that there is mismatch between mechanical dimensions based on Recommended PCB Layout and dimensions we got from STEP model.
For example, in Digi Connect ME 9210 Hardware Reference document (90000897_K.pdf), page 52:
horizontal dimension of 1.210 (REF) is actually 1.181, when measured from provided STEP and IGS files.

On the same page, another horizontal dimension is stated to be 1.150, but when measured from STEP model, it is 1.181

With mismatch as described above, header pins (GPIO) on the module are not centered into pad holes of the PCB and it appears as assembly problem.

Please comment.

Have you had any feedback from anyone on this issue? Have you been able to determine which dimension matches a physical sample of a Digi Connect ME 9210 unit?

Based on feedback that I have received via the the Digi “eService Portal” plus a telephone call with a Digi FAE, the 90000897_K.pdf page 54 dimensions are the best reference to use when creating a PCB footprint for the Digi Connect ME 9210.

The 3D model files are not quite correct.