Problem with ISR and IER-RAW

Hi,I’ve got a problem in using Interrupt Service Routine. I’m trying to use one Port F for external interrupt.(just one pin is set as interrupt mode and the others are left GPIO) When I use function NaIsrInstall, the whole problem breaks down and I find the reason, if I try to change the value of ISRmask, it causes problem. (Examples source - nagpio_int also doesn’t work) How can I install ISR successfully? Because of above problem, I just changed the source in na_isr.c, not to access that variable - ISRmask. as the result, ISR looks work well at the first time, but it doesn’t enter into the function installed to ISR anymore. In addition, after the first entrance into ISR, PORTF interrupt register(the 20th bit) IER-RAW(IER-CLEAN when read) is still set.(1) What does IER-RAW mean exactly? ISR is still working? Thanks. - Jang, Beom Soon