Problem with SPI in portB

Hello Everybody,

I’m working with a Rabbit minicore RCM5700, and I’m trying to write by SPI
serial bus using the SPI.LIB library. I’m using Dynamic C version 10.44 and
it’s libraries.

I want to use PORT B as SPI port, so I have defined #define SPI_SER_B,
before include SPI.LIB, in other words, my real code is:

#define SPI_SER_B
#define SPI_MASTER //we are master
#use “spi.lib”

When I write to SPI by SPIWrite function I can’t see any data in PC4 line,
but SCK line (PB0) is working properly.

I have read in SPI.LIB header:
“This library is intended for use only with the Rabbit 4000 processor.”
and I have a Rabbit 5000 processor so I think it could be a little
different, is there a new SPI library for these processors? where can I get

If you had the same error as me in the past, can you help me?

Thanks in advance


Has anyone seen worse documentation? Sample programs that don’t run. Each sample seems to have a different piece of the puzzle.

After spending days to get I2C to work. I’ve spent more days trying to get a simple SPI app to work.

Is there an spi.lib for the 5000 series and known good sample code?

Here I send you, the SPI library that works for me.

Best regards