Problem with SPI

Good day!

Nowadays we understand module 868LP and found the following problems:

  1. firmware 8059.
    A module sometimes, when reading data from it via SPI, there is a watchdog timer reset is. Average - at five minutes at an intensity of 2 packets of data per second.
    The conditions under which it is observed:
  • Worked through the SPI;
  • Module receives broadcast packets;
  • The module does not send.
    What it looked like:
  • Exposes the module interrupt SPI_ATTN (LOW).
  • Exhibiting him SPI_SSEL, begin reading data via the SPI
  • Read normal package with submitted data, but after that - SPI_ATTN not returned to HI.
  • As SPI_ATTN in LOW, continue reading data SPI. Fails to consider the order of 93630 bytes (plus / minus 10 bytes) - all zeros.
  • Then returned to HI SPI_ATTN
  • After 250 microseconds ATTN switches back to LOW
  • Read data from there and get the very first packet 0x7E, 0x00, 0x02, 0x8A, 0x01, 0x74. If you believe the documentation - 0x01 = Watchdog timer reset
  1. firmware 8072
    Unable to run the module in operation SPI.
    Our software successfully works with firmware 8059, but after a firmware update to 8072 - SPI does not work.
    Prohibition outputs UART not given effect.

Yes Digi is aware of this and is working on solving the issue.